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_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

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How do flavored brown brown mattress mattress Maintenance

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Brown mattress has been green, breathable and comfortable image in the public eye, their own have some advantages, favored by consumers, but also makes coconut palm mattress mattress market became one of the most popular types of mattress . But there are also consumers coir mattress reflect that taste, worry formaldehyde. Therefore, the next Xiaobian to introduce how to do and flavored brown mattress brown mattress maintenance methods.
    Zongzi after the general quality mattresses are produced, place some time with the kind of flavor it will disappear automatically. But the situation odor lingers long home will also appear, if we meet Zongzi mattress smell lingers long home, then how we should have done in it? There are three simple method, first the first is to find a well-ventilated place, put it there a month or so, there is no natural air-dry taste; if said to have been placed in our bedroom, then you may wish to try placement Some plants have adsorption effect of it, Chlorophytum, green radish plants are all good choices, but also play a decorative role room it; Finally, we should pay attention to is the prevention of Zongzi mattress moisture, plant fiber damp moldy easily rotten, so be sure to keep the interior dry. If you still have the taste by these methods Zongzi bed city pad, then it is likely that the material of the problem, it would be best not to return again in the formal acquisition of a high-quality furniture city Zongzi mattress.

    Brown mattress Maintenance
    1, before using the mattress to remove the plastic packaging film packaging, and keep the environment ventilated and dry, avoid damp mattress, not exposure.
    2, the mattress deck must be installed and be smooth, breathable, mattress flat on the headboard, such as on the large gap strip board bed, it is best padded layer sheet so that the mattress to achieve the most good use of effects.
    3, try to avoid prolonged sitting on the edge of the mattress; so that local by weight, resulting in deformation of the edge of collapse and affect use.
    4, use about a year, the mattress should be regularly turned over or reversed, even by force to make the pad surface, to extend the service life.
    5, should be used to avoid the use of knives and other sharp instruments or scratch the fabric.
    6, should be used to keep dry, avoid fire damage to the pad surface.
    7, should be used to avoid gasoline, formaldehyde, propionaldehyde and other organic solvents erosion.
    8, if the mattress has a slight odor open the plastic film, which is a mixture of a small amount of residual odor of palm fiber materials and natural latex, the mattress should be placed in ventilated place from 1 to 4 weeks, you can make the odor fade, on the human body without any adverse effects.
    9, the cloth cover can not be washed (due to the use of natural mattress fabric cover are cotton fabrics, washing will shrink)
    10, when long-term use of this product, please linens or other breathable performance good mattress wrapped cloth, placed in a dry ventilated place, in order to keep clean the mattress.
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