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_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

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With the rapid development of market economy, product homogeneity is accelerated, the construction of enterprise culture has become an important content to build comprehensive competitiveness, to meet customer demand, create customer value, cultivate customer loyalty is each enterprise should attach great importance to the development of Joyous Match, after a month after month and year after year defines refining, the concept of customer service.

Customer service concept:
* customer service mission: "for our customers, to help customers succeed"
This service concept: "exceed customer expectations"
* customer value: "to meet the needs of customers, to win customer loyalty"

* service slogan: "professional and sincere moved to win"!

Quality policy: full participation in detail and continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
* full participation: quality is the starting point of value and dignity, to improve the quality of the company need to actively participate in every employee;
* More attention to detail: attention to detail is a strict working attitude, high quality assurance;
This continuous improvement: industry adhere to the highest quality standards and continuously improve the company's management, processes, products and services;
*  customer satisfaction, product quality and service quality are equally important, customer satisfaction is the ultimate standard of quality inspection.
* 24 hours service hotline for customers at any time to provide, tracking of all kinds of product information.
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