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_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

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Good sleep mattress buy Raiders to take care of your

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Part1: types and characteristics of mattresses
Choose a suitable mattress, the first to understand the type of mattress. According to the characteristics of different materials of the mattress has its own characteristics, to choose their own mattress. Commonly used in the family bed mattresses are: spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses and memory mattresses, etc..
Spring mattress
Is a modern common, performance is better than the mattress, the pad core by the spring. The pad has good elasticity, good air permeability, supporting strong, durable, and can better support and support to the body; but the traditional spring mattress is connected a circle diameter thick, with steel wire fixed, it will lead to a higher hardness mattress, and turn over. The mattress will change. Therefore, in the purchase of spring mattress, the proposal is independent of the form of the spring system to ensure continuous deep sleep.
Palm mattress
Fully used in the preparation of natural palm fiber, in line with the trend of environmental protection, it is not easy to deformation, there is a certain effect on the waist, neck, spine disease or bone hyperplasia. But in the production process, need to use latex raw materials will stick together, so easy to distribute unpleasant odor, or moth eaten moldy, the southern coastal areas is not too comfortable to use.
The latex mattress
Generally made of polyurethane or natural foam. The porous structure of latex to high softness, strong elasticity, balanced force, can meet the needs of different weight groups, supporting force of the good sleepers can adapt to all kinds of sleeping. But its suction water is relatively strong, so the mattress easy to wet. And about 3% - 4% of people will have an allergic reaction to natural latex, which affects the health of the body.
Memory cotton mattress
Memory cotton, also known as slow rebound in space material, can absorb the enormous pressure of the special material. Therefore, the use of memory cotton as the material of the mattress, can remember the human spine "S" type of curve, ready to shape the shape of the body, and the human body pressure, according to the human body temperature changes of different soft hardness. But there are also a lot of consumer response, the memory of the cotton mattress is too soft, supporting the general, it is recommended to buy a combination of cotton and the independent tube of the mattress style, so that sleep more comfortable.
Part2: identification of mattress quality skills
The genuine mattress prices higher, so fake and shoddy phenomenon often appear on the market. And this problem is also plagued by many consumers, then it might as well learn how to identify the quality of bed materials.
One, the smell from the mattress to determine the safety and environmental protection
Made of natural materials such as latex mattress, brown, pure green pad, the hearts of the people, but the cost is high, a lot of fake compounds or polyurethane plastic foam pad used in formaldehyde exceed the standard as natural mattress. We know that formaldehyde pollution, damage to the human body is not negligible. So high quality mattresses, smell will not have a pungent smell.
Two, from the fabric to judge the quality of the mattress
Look at the quality of a mattress, the most intuitive, can be observed with the naked eye is the surface of the fabric. Fabric quality and comfortable, smooth, no obvious fold, no jumper phenomenon. Perhaps, many consumers take it for granted that the surface of the mattress will have a decorative sheet and other decorations, which is not beautiful. In fact, the problem is also often mattress mattress formaldehyde is often from the mattress of the fabric, some manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of formaldehyde content is too high, the fabric and sponge, damage to human health.
Three, judging from the internal material or filling material quality
Mattress quality depends mainly on its internal material and filler, so to observe the inner quality of the mattress. If the interior of the mattress is a zipper type design, it might as well open up, observe its internal process, the number of main materials, such as the main spring whether to reach the six lap, whether the spring and the spring is clean and tidy.
Four, from the mattress to the soft and hard to identify the quality of the mattress
Many Europeans love soft mattress, and Chinese more love hard bed. Then the mattress is not as hard as possible, it is not, a good mattress soft hardness to moderate. Because only the soft and hard degree of the mattress, to the perfect support for each part of the body, is conducive to the health of the spine.
Part3: choose a mattress for your own.
Mattress quality is good, but if not suitable, still can not let oneself have a comfortable sleep. Only for their own "intimate" mattress is the most healthy and comfortable. So, to understand their physical characteristics, sleep characteristics, and then choose to match their mattresses.
One, according to the individual's sleep habits pick
Each person's sleep habits, and elasticity of demand for mattresses are not the same, such as sleeping. Love your side, should keep the spine straight, let the shoulders and hips are involved, recommended to choose the partition mattress; if love supine and prone to sleep, then choose a stiff mattress. Because the supine, prone, neck and waist to hard mattress mattress support, only hard enough to achieve the most comfortable state.
Two, according to the size of the individual selection
Mattress should give good support to the body, in accordance with the principles of human engineering. Therefore, one of the reference elements of the human body is also to buy mattresses. In general, the light body for sleeping soft bed, all parts too hard mattress can not support the body balance, which are only focused on the body heavier parts, the hammock can give body to get all the support, and the body fat and vice versa.
Three, according to the individual's age level selection
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