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Multifunctional baby bed baby bed buy tips

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015/12/7 16:22:03 Hits:2970
Baby bed is a bed for infants and young children. Now the baby bed style varied, function and price is also a big difference, choose to pay attention to the combination of safety and practical principles. Baby bed in the use of some potential safety problems, parents should be given attention, to remove the hidden trouble in time. Today, the small series to introduce to you is a multifunctional baby bed, a friend of interest to the baby bed to see it!
Characteristics of multi function baby bed
The bed can be adjusted, the bed body can be lengthened, the overall structure with the growth of the baby are assembled in various forms, to meet the needs of all ages, eventually assembled into chairs or sofa, become a household furniture practical.
1, was born to 6 months
The bottom mounting roller is convenient for parents to push for free, and the roller is equipped with a brake device to ensure the safety of the first, and is equipped with a convenient platform for changing diapers.
6, 2 months to 2 years old
Installation of bed plate and guardrail, expand the space, meet in bed rest, sitting, standing and playing.
2, 3 to 6 years old
Will be the bed of the fence in the parent's bed, can prevent the child to turn over the bed, but also cultivate the ability to sleep independently.
6, 4 to 8 years old
The combination of all the components to meet the height requirements of this age.
8, 5 years old
Baby bed can not be used, the bed will be assembled and reorganized, assembled into a sofa and coffee table.
Baby bed buy tips
1, security issues
Safety is always the first to be considered, the baby bed must comply with strict safety standards. About the safety of the baby's bed design, we'll do the introduction. Also need to remind you that mom and dad is a lot of old style baby bed, mostly not in line with the current safety standards, the purchase must be asked before the business to produce the relevant inspection reports, certificates, etc.. Here to remind parents need to be do not covet cheap, buy second-hand, the baby bed for a long time, there is no infectious disease would not say, is a single bed service life is over the life, also after a baby on the bed by the firmness is not so good. It is recommended not to joke about the baby's safety.
2, bed body details
All parts of the bed body is the best selection of solid wood, and everything should be done to make the bed surface polished smooth, so as to avoid scratching the prominent edges and the baby, or hook the baby clothing; the corner round, the connecting hole between the bed should be closely connected; all hardware must be anti-corrosion treatment etc..
3, bed edge guard rail design
The design of the fence as far as possible to choose a column of the fence, so that the baby in the grip of the fence can effectively disperse the baby's hand, reduce the strength of the. The general is relatively high, the price is relatively high, the general economic conditions can consider the square of the fence, but the edge must be polished, not the kind of big angle with 90 degrees, with the front knife, the baby's hand can not stand Oh, and the other is the gap between the fence is more suitable for 5-150px, small hands can be stretched freely, head can not come out. The most important is the head of a bed bed best to have a few babies for intellectual development of small toys, such as bed can be inserted into one or several will turn the ball, or other gadgets, but must not be taken down, to prevent the baby into the mouth Oh, oh, baby what things are put into his mouth.
4, baby bed surface protection layer is not less
The baby is teething because teeth will itch a bit, so love bite, eating with the mouth, so the edge of the bed rail to be fitted with the bilateral non-toxic materials strength and good anti bite or a protective sleeve, also do not recommend parents to use baby bed of metal material, the metal may containing heavy metals such as lead is harmful to the body, can not recover the harm to the human body, so must not hold the metal bed crib is strong, cheap to buy metal, and in winter the temperature of metal as can be imagined, can buy natural wood crib, pine is a good choice, natural color texture, clear and beautiful, full and smooth lines, all with good texture, strong practicability, durable, good elasticity and permeability, but also the natural fragrance.
5, the height of the fence
Because when the baby is little long fast, so try to choose the baby bed height can be adjusted, is now the mainstream of adjustable baby bed, so that the baby can be used in each period, when the baby is small (0-6 months) can use the above a height, the baby is picked up or down convenient, a little larger (6-18 months) can choose the second height, so that the baby will not grow too low, fence down, be a little larger (over 18 months) will use the highest gear height.
6, the foot of the bed and can slide caster design
Try to choose the bed foot with the wheels of the baby bed, so easy to move the baby bed and thus better care for baby. It is worth noting that the wheels must be equipped with brake device. Can also move in the back and forth to be fixed in time, for example and the combined bed after it cannot move to brake, otherwise the baby is very easy to fall risk.
7, card lock problem
The baby bed can adjust the height of the fence after must pay attention to see what protective measures to prevent our great baby himself railing tune down, the risk is very important, so a card lock.
8, baby bed decoration
Design of baby bed with cartoon image of the good, the babies also love, don't put too fancy pattern on the bed, a baby long look down will feel tired, and the general decoration stickers are toxic, Baby Crib Bed also can use logs, pure natural, no harmful substances the baby is healthy, but the drawback is easy to get dirty, and good cleaning, wood crib suggest that parents buy green paint, on the one hand to solve the cleaning problem, on the other hand is also more beautiful, but the purchase must check before inspection report to see the baby bed of green paint.
9, the structure is strong
The bed should be strong, can be well connected, preferably with screw fixation, not only is the bayonet kind, should pay attention to the details, screws and other metal parts should take preventive measures, to prevent damage to the baby. As far as possible the use of solid wood panels, the baby will learn to jump a little bit, to withstand the destructive force. Also regularly check the baby's bed.
10, material safety standard
From the performance of safety and environmental protection is concerned, only the whole wood crib can really solve the parents give the baby health and safety - menace from the rear of the sleep environment, while the metal bed plate or the baby crib, may contain formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals in the human body, exceed the standard of environmental harmful toxic substances, especially iron long time use, and prone to rust rot, quality can not be guaranteed. Also in the choice of solid wood bed, please pay special attention to the baby bed various parts (e.g., bed fence), whether all the wood? In order to avoid the fish, so as to ensure the baby bed environmental safety firm.
11, the safety of structure
A bearing capacity of not less than 30kg: with an average weight of three year old baby is 20.5kg; connection between the bed and the bed body, to ensure strong, stable structure. The most used iron crib wood or wood board, generally adopts embedded or hanging connection.
12, baby bed installation
Note that the distance between the connecting hole plate is close, accurate holes to make the bed assembly easier, the use of more convenient operation, more can reflect a bed of work is fine.
13, hardware accessories safety
Baby bed used in the hardware accessories are: bed hook, all kinds of specifications black flat garden six angle bolt, galvanized plain within the six corners of the bolt, to choose to meet the national safety standards for environmental protection hardware accessories, so that the baby can ensure safety, preferably to provide hardware accessories testing report of the manufacturers to buy.
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