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_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

_Mattress material, coconut palm mattress, palm mattress, 3E Coconut Dream dimensional mattress

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Shanghai exhibition smart mattress industry boom to lead the industry to embrace the era of smart

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"Intelligent" almost become the current development trend of home building materials industry, this trend is now also extended to the mattress industry. In the upcoming September 10th Shanghai Furniture Fair, Xilinmen, Mlily dream Lily respectively announced that it will release new intelligent mattress, set off a trend in intelligent mattress industry.
According to publicity information, intelligent products, Mlily dream mattress Xilinmen Lily upcoming, key lies in the application of sensor technology and cloud technology. Multiple functional modules Xilinmen intelligent mattress healthy sleep system through the use of hardware and software integration, cloud diary, sleep sleep examination system to monitor and help to sleep. Mlily dream Lily smart mattress is a sleep state, vital signs, sleep quality monitoring and other functions, and can be based on sleep history data put forward to sleep. At the same time, it also can monitor the sleep information of other people, and can monitor the sleep of elderly, children and patients.
Chen Jian, vice president of marketing Home Furnishing Sherman to Phoenix before the conference exclusively revealed: "the use of cloud technology to customer sleep monitoring and data processing is a basic function of intelligent mattress, which can provide health intelligent sleep system to be released Xilinmen than this, but the future is more likely to form a new business model in the on the basis of." Involved in the Mlily dream of Lily products research and development of Shanghai, Technology Co., Ltd. technology in an exclusive interview with Phoenix, said: sensing technology and cloud technology has been widely used in the field of health care, and the first generation of products on the mattress products, based on the accumulation of user data and mining, through cooperation in the medical field, can provide users with more potential. For the future development process, the responsible person is carefully stressed: the current technology is still in the primary stage, the first step is to provide a clear value to consumers, in the occupation of consumer entrance, the formation of data accumulation, in order to talk about further development.
The media said the 2014 intelligent Home Furnishing year exploration and Mlily dream of Lily mattress Xilinmen intelligent products, on behalf of the current development of intelligent terminal will try Home Furnishing intelligent products. And on the other hand, Microsoft, apple, Google, Samsung and other technology companies are also exploring and trying. 2014, Google's $3 billion 200 million acquisition of smart home company Labs Nest; Apple released HomeKit smart home applications in the global developer conference; Samsung acquisition of smart home startups Things Smart; technology giants through frequent integration, hoping to build smart home system, and gradually try to integrate some of the basic hardware. In the future can be predicted, home building materials products will also be an important part of the system.
In the home building materials industry, although intelligent has become a craze, but in fact the possibility of smart home business is not enough. According to the major home building materials show in the year, a large number of smart kitchen, smart toilet, smart furniture, and its results are only focused on the product part of the smart features research, fragmented and lack of systematic, and even a lot of so-called smart feature is just a simple automation, far from being able to provide consumers with the core value of intelligent products. In this regard, home building materials enterprises are far behind the home appliance enterprises. Smart home strategy in the United States this year, the United States clearly put forward 1+1+1 strategy, namely, a smart house system + a M-Smart interactive community + a M-BOX management center, the use of things, cloud technology and other means to create a smart air steward, nutrition wisdom steward, water health wisdom steward, energy security wisdom steward and other smart services sector, accelerate the layout of the home market. Can be seen, the United States in the exploration of the function of household electrical appliances intelligent basis, has begun to try to build their own smart home system".
From the presentation of the "smart Home Furnishing" overall trend, whether it is the product of intelligent function based on the integration of enterprises or their products, to build intelligent systems independent and perfect, and in the future as the hardware support, the concept of science and technology into the giants of the great wisdom of Home Furnishing industrial chain, the industry Home Furnishing attempt in breadth and depth there is a huge space. At present, China's traditional home building materials industry is highly competitive, the development of a slowdown in the environment, smart home is undoubtedly a blue ocean. This requires home building materials companies have long-term vision and a high degree of strategic awareness, to embrace the era of smart home.
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