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Jinhaima Home Furnishing successfully injected Xiangjiang holding assets

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2015/12/7 17:09:51 Hits:3124
In September 22, 2015, the Shenzhen Xiangjiang Cmi Holdings Ltd announced that the Shenzhen Jinhaima industrial Limited by Share Ltd to issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds for the project has been approved by the Commission, so far the Xiangjiang group under the Home Furnishing core business sector has been fully integrated into the listing Corporation.
Hong Kong Holdings is still the main business of residential real estate development and sales, the main source of income for residential real estate business. With the Hong Kong Holdings acquired Jinhaima related assets, the new Home Furnishing circulation trade operations, it will become the first domestic A stock market Home Furnishing trade listing Corporation. This is the second Meikailong in Hongkong after IPO, at the second Home Furnishing listing Corporation stores.
Hong Kong Holdings said, through this transaction, can be injected into the home of the underlying assets of the target of different industries to achieve win-win cooperation. Hong Kong Holdings can use the brand and channel advantages of Hong Kong commercial business operators, the underlying assets can be controlled by Hong Kong Holdings professional commercial real estate platform to reduce operating costs, is conducive to improve their profitability, with the expansion of Hong Kong Holdings to achieve its own business expansion, while the two sides can achieve the matching of capital flow term structure of the matching.
Hong Kong Holdings 2 billion 450 million acquired assets Home Furnishing Jinhaima
In early February 13th, Shenzhen Xiangjiang Cmi Holdings Ltd announced the acquisition of Jinhaima related assets, until September 18th, the Commission approved the issuance of the restructuring plan.
According to the transaction report, Hong Kong Holdings intends to combine the issuance of shares and cash, buy the corporate actual controller Xiangjiang business and holds 100% stake in Shenzhen Kinhom Shenzhen stronghold 100% stake, which is a 300 million yuan cash payment.
At the same time, Hong Kong Holdings intends to use the inquiry way to not more than 10 specific investors to raise funds to non-public offering of shares, the total funds raised not more than 100% of the price of the proposed purchase of assets, that is not more than.
This means that Shenzhen will be the core business related assets Home Furnishing Jinhaima business has injected Hong Kong holdings. The underlying assets for Hong Kong and Shenzhen commercial headquarters of two companies, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen jinhaima.
It is understood that the Shenzhen Jinhaima is Xiangjiang group's Home Furnishing products chain sales enterprise, has "Xiangjiang Home Furnishing", "Home Furnishing Jinhaima" two brands, has formed a national marketing network platform in Southern China, central China, East China, North China four chain outlets throughout the region, 10 large and medium-sized city.
Statistics show that since January 2015, Hong Kong and Shenzhen base camp only engaged in home stores and other business investment operations, that is, through the business and provide rental shops and follow-up management to obtain rental and management fees and other income.
According to the announcement, Hong Kong and Shenzhen base camp business model mainly to self - shop, 39 stores, self - stores (including co -), a total of 33.
Home stores and a listing Corporation prospects
According to the transaction report, Hong Kong business mainly engaged in household goods circulation platform business, that is, through the shops (lease from the third party) to rent to tenants, and the store for follow-up management, etc..
According to the audit of the Hong Kong Tianjian business simulation report, 2015 1-4 month, Xiangjiang business achieved operating income 290 million yuan, net profit for 48 million 303 thousand and 800 yuan (with the number).
The Shenzhen camp belongs to the class of business circulation to own property management Home Furnishing Shenzhen Jinhaima's company, through the rental shops to tenants rent, and to store the follow-up management to obtain benefits, currently only Nanchang has a branch company owned stores.
According to the audit report issued by the simulation Tonge 2015 1-4 months, Shenzhen headquarters, achieved operating income 17 million 606 thousand and 700 yuan, net profit of 6 million 881 thousand and 200 yuan.
Changjiang Securities Review, the integration of the company's home trading business chain integration, the company is the embodiment of the A shares of home business first shares. After the completion of the integration of assets, Hong Kong Holdings of business chain will be more complete. Before the Hong Kong is a residential development + home shopping malls, after the integration of the Hong Kong business chain will be extended from real estate development has been extended to home products sales, supplemented by operations consulting, investment maintenance and other auxiliary business module, the original real estate business and new home distribution business will form 1+1>2 of the aggregation effect, growth of the imagination.
From the current point of view, the potential of the home market is indeed worth looking forward to. According to the first reported the results of domestic Home Furnishing circulation first Meikailong disclosure of the first half of August 26th, Meikailong comprehensive income of RMB 4 billion 281 million yuan, an increase of 17.4%; gross margin increased to 74.2%, the performance is very eye-catching, compared to other Home Furnishing listed manufacturing enterprises, Meikailong in gross profit and net profit are higher than a length.
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